Welcome Run for Your Life!

Run Free Project

Welcome to The Run Free Project Run for Your Life!

We’re excited to welcome Chris, Tim, and the Crew at Run for Your Life with three amazing locations in Charlotte, NC. With over 30 years in the business they are a very welcome addition to the project with a lot to offer the community.

About Run for Your Life

“Run For Your Life is your local fitness hub. Our founding principle was to inspire our community to run, walk and be healthy. Much has changed in the 30 years since, but that principle remains the same. We believe that top-notch customer experience never goes out of style.


These are our core values and they guide everything we do.

We honor God by looking outward, not inward. We respect and befriend all people who walk through our door. We serve our community by providing a way to connect. To be part of something bigger. To be inspired. To become the best version of yourself. To Run For Your Life.”

Visit runforyourlife.com

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