Your Store,
Your Events,
Your Rewards,
Their Pocket

Mobile app users are 10x more likely to engage with push notifications than email and those who use your app to check into events are 51% more likely to shop with you the same day

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Your Mobile Loyalty App

Your store's name, your store's branding, your store's content and events. All managed through the same intuitive Run Free Project platform you're used to.


App is Branded and Listed as your Store

We maintain the App Store listings and app updates for you.


Push Notifications and Reminders

Use push notifications to message your customers whenever you like.


In App Event Listings and Virtual Check-In

Encourage participation by rewarding points for your local events or runs.


Mileage Tracking and Achievements

Separate from Rewards, gamify running challenges and track mileage.


Your Store's Integrated News Feed

News posts can be used to promote store activities and sales you want your clientele to know about!


Redeem Points for Digital Gift Cards

No more spreadsheets. Automated rewards tracking and redemptions auto create credit in your POS.

Easy to Manage Rewards Program

Customers are Loving Our Apps

Your Brand, Their Mobile Device

We make it easy to offer your customers an immersive custom-branded mobile app experience on Apple and Android devices. Rewards for in-store and online purchases are redeemed in-app, as are event registrations and check-ins. By integrating with popular fitness trackers, our app provides you with an avenue to gamify your customers' workouts and customize how they interact with your brand. Plus, group tagging and customizable push notifications ensure maximum engagement.

The Run Free Project Mobile Loyalty App

Branded & Listed for your Store


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