Project Pricing

Learn more about our inventory based e-commerce platform for specialty running stores that doesn’t break the bank.


At Project Kickoff

$ 999
One Time Setup Fee
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Store Instance Build and Setup
  • Subdomain Creation and Pointing
  • SSL Certificate Creation and Install
  • Setup of Custom RICs Endpoints
  • Setup of Payment Gateway
  • Branding: Logo, Colors, Images
  • Pre-launch Staff Training Session
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$ 199
  • Hosting / Processing
  • Shared Meta Data Library
  • Access to New Features
  • Enhancements Feedback
  • Documentation & Support
  • Addition Training for New Staff
  • No Contract / Cancel Anytime
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Fully Responsive Shopping Experience
Empower your customers to shop from anywhere from any size device witha fully reponsive mobile shopping experience.
Easily Manage
Your Online Inventory
Quickly import SKUs directly from your inventory system along with quantities, sizes, colors, etc. Then easily customize the item's appearance, photos and details.
Plugin Your Inventory System and Payment Gateway
We leverage advanced APIs to easily integrate with your inventory system and a multitude of payment gateways and shipping integrations.


Not sure if you’re ready to dive into selling online?
Don’t worry; you’re not alone, we understand your business, and we’ve got your back.

No. We believe in putting our customers' experience first without locking them into anything. You are free to cancel at any time.

You can be listing your inventory online in as little as one to two weeks. 

The process is quick and easy. After collecting some pertinent information about your store during a quick kick-off discussion, we get to work setting up your store. 

We also guide you through the process of requesting all the necessary information from your inventory software provider (like your RICs token, for example) and help you select a payment gateway (this is how Run Free will process purchases from your virtual storefront on your behalf). 

Once complete, we conduct a launch training to teach you how to add inventory and items for sale online. After you're comfortable, we flip the switch, and you're officially an online retailer!

We take privacy and security extremely seriously. In fact, we STORE NO FINANCIAL DATA of any type, utilizing only tokenization with your payment provider for a seamless, randomized transaction. Your site will also be fully encrypted with an industry-standard SSL Certificate to ensure server authenticity with every click.

Absolutely. Create unlimited online promo codes with either dollar or percentage discounts to be applied at checkout. You can even choose to limit the number available or have them expire on a date of your choosing.

Nope, we solved this problem by algorithmically grouping SKUs with the same title into one displayed item online, allowing customers to select their color, pick their size, and pay.

We get it! Finding images and descriptions is a huge pain. That's why our platform is built with a shared metadata library that we're constantly expanding, which allows you to load photos or descriptions previously entered by Run Free and other stores as a starting point. Then you're welcome to customize as much as you like for your store. 

Adding items unique to your store is easy too, simply drag and drop photos and enter a description.

What is the Shared Metadata Library?

In a perfect world, every item that's listed in your store will have a selection of beautiful, complimentary pictures and a well-written description to provide your customers with the most pleasant, simple, well-informed buying experience. With most e-commerce solutions, the reality isn't quite that rosy. If an item has an image at all, it's stretched, and the descriptions are often non-existent. 

At Run Free, we've pre-loaded a database with tens of thousands of carefully curated images and descriptions. Plus, we capture and store all the images and descriptions that our member stores upload for their virtual storefronts in that same database. This database of images and descriptions is the "shared metadata library". Here's how it works: When your inventory is automatically pulled into the Run Free platform, it will go look in our shared metadata library for any images and descriptions that match the SKU of each item in your inventory, then auto-upload it into your storefront. That way, the number of pictures and images you have to actually load yourself is practically zero.

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“We had all sorts of problems around motivation and productivity from our smallest scrums to our largest teams. Jumpstart helped us rise above all and conquer.”
Harvey Derwent
Resident Zen Master
“We had all sorts of problems around motivation and productivity from our smallest scrums to our largest teams. Jumpstart helped us rise above all and conquer.
Harvey Derwent
Resident Zen Master
“We all know the stigma around build times and the ever expanding arsenal of tooling in modern web apps. Fear not, Jumpstart does away with all of that.”
Shelley McNabb
Software Engineer